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Geora is on a mission to unlock the value in sustainability data

At Geora we believe data is the key to sustainability. Agriculture is the least digitised industry globally, and we know that needs to change to build a sustainable and regenerative future.

We’ve made it our mission to connect every farmer worldwide with financial and data systems. With access to real-time finance and additional revenue, farmers can invest in sustainable production and receive extra value for producing in a globally-conscious way.

We are blue-sky thinkers designing a new future for agriculture, using exciting technical tools and products to solve some of the biggest problems of our generation.

<aside> 🌾 We are a deep tech start-up, and have been leading at the junction of agriculture and blockchain since 2017.


<aside> 🌾 We are funded by a group of world-class and values aligned investors; Tenacious Ventures with participation from NAB Ventures and Flying Fox Ventures.


Our Values

💡 Pioneering

Being pioneering is seeking new information to create things for others to follow.

🙌 Supportive

Being supportive is having your team’s back and building up your customers.

🧐 Purposeful

Being purposeful is doing things well and doing things for good.

🪨 Solid

Being solid is being stable and dependable, building a high level of trust.

⭐️ Benefits of working at Geora

<aside> ♻️ Work to feel proud of - directly help achieve global sustainability goals and support farmers globally


<aside> 💰 Compensation - We offer competitive salaries and attractive stock options.


<aside> 🌏 Remote first and flexible work hours - We are a remote team with flexibility around working arrangements to help our team to balance their work and personal lives.


<aside> 🎓 Development and Training - We will work with you to customise a program so you can grow and learn alongside your daily experience at work


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